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Top 10 Do & # 039; s and Don & # 039; ts to ask for a raise

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Plan carefully before asking for a raise to increase your chances of success. Copyright: Ariel Skelley / Blend Images / Getty Images

Although sometimes the reply to a request for a raise is a "Yes" or "No", regardless of how the question is interpreted, the right preparation before you can its proposal increase your chances of success. If you intend for a raise or services ensure that you take the time to take care of before you plan properly.

Top 10 do's and don'ts to ask for a raise

Here is a list of top-10's and don'ts when it comes to ask is for an increase.

He asked for a big success. Then just a deal or landing achieved a big sale? It's a good time to ask for a raise. Based found on the momentum of his success, and yourself in an ideal position to ask for a raise.

Write, and repeat the agenda. They do not go into his meeting empty-handed, without prepared. Make a list of the specific reasons why a raise he deserves, they write, and repeat it to a safe and compelling delivery. In addition to the list of your services, you can also talk about a recent expansion in responsibilities at work, the additional tasks that you have taken, new strategies have been adopted, the projects carried out, and all the plans you further increase the success of your department , You can also type and a copy for your boss, so he or she looks and to discuss with other supervisors, if necessary can.

The time of his application accordingly. Familiar with the revision policy of your company.

¿Performance reviews take place every three months? Every six months? Each Year? Discreetly discuss with colleagues, or contact your human resources department to get an idea of the timeline. If possible, you should also try to align their applications with the financial history of the company. Comes perhaps when applying for new funding, when the New Year begins, or if you think that your employer could easily be considered a raise.

Dress the part. Even if your office dress code tends to be lax when it comes to a meeting, you should look the part. Take to bind these few minutes, iron blouse or dress shoes throw your closet. Although you do not want to look like you're trying too hard, can be polished and professional look not hurt, and help you get more confidence as you feel to make your case.

Have other options in the background. No one wants to hear an answer, "No", but a rejection can the opportunity to make another suggestion. Do you want to know about the work from home one day a week more? Need a new phone or a laptop for their work? Is there an event or an industry conference you want to attend? Your boss may be more likely to be a major who says no to say "yes" to low demand.

Email Do not ask. While it is acceptable to plan a meeting by email, you should definitely have the call for an increase in the person. It is the best way to show that you are serious, and will also allow you to measure the reaction of his boss at your request. Just send an e-mail to your boss, or ask in person, if he or she could be a free time block to discuss about your salary. You can even see if he or she stands for a working lunch, which can have a good option to a meeting.

A high moment of stress Do not ask. Use common sense when approaching your manager about the possibility of a raise. If your boss is particularly stressed and overworked, probably not to tackle this problem the best time. If you can, wait you and ask for a break, or at least when you see that your employer is in a good mood.

Do not give an ultimatum, if you're willing to lose the job. Be careful how you approach it. You do not look too hard or challenging. Of course, self-confident and assertive in the application, but be aware of your tone and focus on patience, professional and understanding. Pay attention to how to negotiate. You probably want to avoid framing it in a way that is similar to an application - "I owe this increase - or" - you should try to keep a good relationship with your boss, even if he or she says no.

Uses the information not as a reason why you get on wages colleagues a raise. Avoid office gossip for discussion. Even if you are someone who makes more money than you know, and you believe that you are a salary that earn the same - or more - it is advisable to keep such information private conversation. It's just not professional and you never know if what you have heard or heard is true. Instead, focus on your own personal experiences and successes and why you should get from their own merits, not on what are based to pay people.

Do not give too much personal information. Ideally, you should try to make its proposal a deserved in a way that focuses instead due to an increase, why you need. Unless you have an unusually intimate relationship with your supervisor, it's a good idea to avoid personal reasons - as if your spouse has lost a job, when you send if an investment went wrong another child to school, or - and instead keep focused on what you have done to deserve a raise, instead of why you need one.

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What is the minimum wage in New York?

The current minimum wage in New York is $ 8.75 per hour by 31 December 2014, which is higher than the minimum wage of $ 7.25 per hour.

The planned increases are:

  • $ 9.00 - 31 December 2015

The minimum wage in New York for the fast-food worker

The minimum wage for the following fast-food workers work for a chain of more than 30 institutions were assisted by a committee of state compensation must be approved are recommended.

Minimum wage increases to fast food for the state of New York, with the exception of New York:

  • December 31, 2015 $ 9.75
  • $ 10.75 December 31, 2016
  • $ 11.75 December 31, 2017
  • $ 12.75 December 31, 2018
  • December 31, 2019 $ 13.75
  • December 31, 2020 $ 14.50
  • $ 15.00 July 1, 2021

Meanwhile, wage increases minimum wage fast food in New York outside of New York:

  • $ 10.50 December 31, 2015
  • $ 12.00 December 31, 2016
  • December 31, 2017 $ 13.50
  • $ 15.00 December 31, 2018

New York minimum wage for tipped workers

Employees to receive counseling are paid the minimum wage under a different structure in New York. The minimum wage for workers is tilted currently $ 4.90 per hour for workers in the local hotel, at $ 5 per hour for food service workers $ 5.50 for workers Car wash and $ 5.65 per hour for all other Employees of the function.

The planned increases are:

  • $ 7.50 - DECEMBER 21 205

If counseling is not sufficient to achieve the minimum wage, the employer is obliged to pay the minimum wage for tipped employees that are not currently planned to increase, but will be addressed in the future.

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High School Resume Example

CV student - Copyright Oneword / iStockPhoto

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Here you will find an example of a resume for a student in high school.

High School Resume Example

Keith Jones
Home: 555-543-6543 Cell: 456-555-7654
244 Chestnut Street
Southampton, PA 18966


George Washington High School, Southampton, PA May 20XX
Overall grade 3.8; Honor Roll each quarter
Honors: French Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Merit Scholar
Clubs: Political Science, choir, drama, yearbook committee
Athletics: Varsity Soccer Captain, Intramural Volleyball


Deputy Berkshire County Playhouse, Berkshire, PA
Summer 20XX

  • Dates coordinated performance test and for the cast and crew of three productions in the week for a season
  • Created and managed social media accounts for the playhouse to market each show and ongoing activities

Barista and cashier, Joe Cafe, Southampton, PA
Fallen 20XX - present

  • He was selected employee of the month, efficient friendly service
  • Barista promoted to September 20XX

Tutor, tutors students in Washington, Southampton, PA
January 20XX - Present

  • Educates elementary students how to apply mathematical concepts and scientific functions
  • Children coordinated a weekend at the Philadelphia Zoo in every season and has a number of mathematical questions and animal related science and attachments are designed
  • Recommended taught for four years to encourage and assist with studies and adaptation to different grade levels and helps increase your GPA a full letter grade

Volunteer Soup Kitchen, Philadelphia, PA
Fallen 20XX - present

  • Meals served more than 100 people less fortunate every week
  • Created and a brown lunch at collecting donations for people reacted to pack to take home bags of food bags

Campaign volunteers John Smith of the Chamber of Deputies
Summer 20XX

  • More than 1,000 phone calls for residents and businesses made to inform them of Smith positions on matters
  • He helped publish and organization, a day of voter registration George Washington High School for Back to School

Other experience

  • Starring in the Music Man Spring 20XX
  • MVP after leading the football team of the final victory of the State in 20XX autumn season

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Here & # 039; It's what happens when you leave your job

Employees in the office - Copyright Thomas Barwick / Stone / Getty Images

Copyright Thomas Barwick / Stone / Getty Images

What will happen after his resignation? Depending on your employer, your job will be terminated immediately and you will be at the door. In other cases, you will remain on board to help with the transition until his departure.

Things can happen once delivered to try his resignation, predict how your employer can react in advance rapidly. Do not give up anger or frustration, without worrying about their next steps.

This is what you say when you leave your job.

The reaction from your employer will be found on a number of factors, including the policy of the company, its perceived value as an employee, and how difficult it will be, and are determined to train your replacement.

Be prepared for the quick forced departure

Make sure that you have everything you need to your workspace and the work teams. Some employers now accompany local employees, especially if they feel that you are not satisfied in every respect.

The safest method is to recover all important documents on your team that are before submitting his resignation personal nature. In addition, aside all samples of their work, which might be useful as part of their professional portfolio or carrying on their role in the future work.

Know your statement If your prompted employers to rethink,

Many employers try to persuade the strongest contributors them to remain with the organization after receiving a letter of resignation. If you resigned, another job are increasing, your employer may require that the salary it would take to keep him in your lap.

When Money Matters
If you go mainly for financial reasons, and prefer to stay with their current employer, a number have to stay in your mind for you. How hard negotiate at this stage will depend on the relative attractiveness of their potential new job compared to your current position. Please note that your employer may decide that you're going anyway, if your expectations are to be in proportion to their wage structure.

If there is no money
When you leave for other reasons, such as job satisfaction, working conditions, relations of subordination or promotional opportunities, you can still get a chance to explore some of the rooms with their employer.

What if they ask you to stay?

It is ready to propose realistic changes that your current work is acceptable or preferred option is to make your new job. Employers have been known to make all kinds of changes to get the performance, including actions, reassignment to other customers and the changes in their missions.

Bring your positive Conclusion Time

Your employer may ask you to document the status of their projects, create an operations manual, or training a colleague to carry out their duties until a replacement hired. They might even ask you to offer to facilitate more attention to the transition.

Cooperate as much as possible and work diligently until the last day to remember a dedicated staff. You never know when you will need their former employer to certify their productivity and entertainment in the future never.

The Interview

Most organizations perform some form of exit interviews with staff to the factors to evaluate his resignation. Examine criticizing your personal opinion if your boss or employer.

In most cases, there is little to gain any from any strong criticism, and you are better to focus on the positive aspects of our jobs and the attraction of new possibilities. Negative comments about supervisors or colleagues can take them back to filter and influence, their reactions to future reference checks.

Completion of the questions during the separation benefits

Meeting with HR and discuss how unused holiday processed. Find out how long it will be covered by the health policies and life insurance through your employer. Make sure you to take all the necessary information to make decisions on pension, profit sharing and 401k plans. Here you will find information on the benefits if you quit your job and if you get your final paycheck.

Finish Relations

Be polite and calm expression of his gratitude to his colleagues behind him. Excessive celebration can be disconcerting. Let stakeholders and customers know how their concerns after your departure will be addressed and I thank them for their support.

Keep to leave a positive tone and is more likely that you will remain as positive colleagues remembered.

Check out these tips on how to say goodbye colleagues so that you can leave with a funny message.

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What if your boss catches you job search

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Thanks! Your boss just discovered that you're interviewing for a new job. What now? It depends on whether. First, it's time for damage control and must act quickly.

What to do next depends on what you are doing when you took, and how he discovered his manager.

What if the boss catches you job search

Maybe you are not actively looking for a job, but was asked to interview.

If so, tell your boss that you love your work, you want to stay, and you are only interested to hear what the company had to say was. Be very clear that you leave no intention in the near future when that to have the case in fact.

If you were thinking about a job change

Did you think about a job change? Janet Scarborough Civitelli, proposes explain your supervisor that your standard operating procedure for career management necessitate a continuous revaluation of their professional short and long term goals.

If you participate in an interview as an opportunity to learn their skills and competitiveness in the labor market and not as a rejection of your current job, your boss, you can (hopefully) less personal.

If you hate your job

Do you hate your job and can not wait to find a new one? Then maybe caught is not a bad thing. It might be a good opportunity to the problems that you have to discuss and maybe even solve.

At least the air is clean and get the problems on the table.

In the worst case, you can output plans for a friendly and maybe even win the support and help from your employer in your job search.

Tell the truth

You regardless of the circumstances - to tell the truth. Especially in a case like this, there is only where not much can be said. Lies always seem to find a way back to haunt you! Be prepared for a certain period, at your home while you and in a normal routine head back.

Do not be surprised if your boss is angry for a while and look at this question, if and when they withdraw and whether to consider replacing. Remember - these are common consequences pursue the job you want to do for the rest of his career.

How not to get caught
If you do not want your current employer know you are job hunting, there are steps that you can to keep your job search confidential.

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What to do if Don & # 039; Get the increase t ...

Business people in the lobby - Copyright Westend61 / E + / Getty Images

Copyright Westend61 / E + / Getty Images

It's a good idea to ask for a raise after all, if you do not ask, do not usually get. But ask, even if you have a good deal, does not guarantee an increase. If you have already denied a raise, here are some steps to take next.

What to do if you get a raise

Some do not:

Start with what you should do if you wait another offer safe work have on you, it is probably wise to avoid that in a huff.

(In fact, think carefully before he dramatically, even if you a) Have insulting or personal in its reply :. Sometimes managers or companies are under restrictions. Specify objecting to the career decision.

Therefore, they can not change your work habits of daily life in the weeks and months after the raise request rejected. The decision will not affect their professional responsibilities has frustrated. Gossiping with colleagues, slowing the work, or with a bad attitude will not be loved by colleagues or managers, and could jeopardize future applications.

Evaluate your own request

It is not easy to ask for an increase - even if you put in the work of the solid preparation, it is possible that you have planned your inquiry or formulated more effectively. Think about how you have applied, and examine some of the most common reasons why companies increasing demands are denied, many of which are completely independent of its performance.

Use the comments

Handle the feedback you get from your supervisor or the Human Resources Department about the reasons for his request was denied stimulus as a template for your next steps.

If you received useful feedback, make an appointment to meet again. Ask direct questions about the types of benchmarks that must be met for a raise can be obtained. You can also add a calendar, or schedule a follow-up session. Do not conflictively questions: Your goal is to provide practical information about why you have received a raise and where to get improvements necessary.

Consider your target Next

In assessing the feedback you received, consider what further steps it proposes to take. If you believe that you will not get a raise, and they deserve another, searching for a new job could be the next step. Or maybe you want a timetable for when to ask again, set for an increase.

Set Strategies: ask fringe benefits

An increase is not going to get the only way forward in the work. You can also receive a voucher instead of a raise or extra holidays. Or consider the non-financial benefits such as the ability of home 1 day per week work, or refund of classes or work-related training.

How to ask for a raise
Prepare the next time ask for a raise with these helpful tips, including research policy of your company to a meeting, and practice your talking points.

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15 keywords can make or break your resume

Spelling Scrabble

David Muir / Photographers Choice / Getty Images

You do not have much time to get a good (or bad) impression to do with your resume. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 17% of surveyed hiring managers spend 30 seconds or less back on average criticism. 68% spend less than two minutes. Therefore, almost all the words can you help in your resume or hitting noticed discord.

Include values and for action words

Include words and phrases that exactly what he has done in his previous work to explain.

If possible, use the figures to show how you have added value to the above companies. For example, instead of saying that "to save an added value for the company X money", we can say that "the public relations budget managed $ 500,000, the company saves 10% through effective advertising strategies."

Also love to see recruiters action words in a resume. Action words show certain things that you have done in the past for the employer, and hope to do for your future employer.

Here are the top 15 words to your resume than employers who are of CareerBuilder in the survey:

  1. Achieved 52%
  2. Improvements: 48%
  3. Trained / Mentor 47%
  4. Managed 44%
  5. Created: 43%
  6. Solved: 40%
  7. Volunteer: 35%
  8. Influenced: 29%
  9. Increase / decrease: 28%
  10. Ideas: 27%
  11. Agreed 25%
  12. Launched: 24%
  13. Income / benefits: 23%
  14. Under the budget: 16%
  15. He won 13%

Avoid vague words

Hiring managers are tired of listening to waves cliché words like "team player" and "workers". These words do not accurately show how you add value to your previous job.

Here the 15 worst words while writing the curriculum vitae are to be used, according to the CareerBuilder survey, which sounds a candidate for the position of "Best of Breed", the more like a dog show winner:

  1. BOB: 38%
  2. Hustler: 27%
  3. Think outside the box: 26%
  4. Synergy: 22%
  5. Go to person: 22%
  6. Thought Leadership: 16%
  7. Value: 16%
  8. Delivering Results: 16%
  9. Team player: 15%
  10. Baseline: 14%
  11. Hard Worker: 13%
  12. Strategic thinkers: 12%
  13. Dynamic: 12%
  14. Motivation: 12%
  15. Attention to detail: 11%

Focus on work-related skills

By focusing on the features, performance and achievements to the job for which you apply, be more you get into the situation, your resume a little closer to the employer.

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